This is a challange that came about after a discussion about cycling with a friend, it was realised that the distance rom the top of France to the far South is approximately the same as from the top of the Scotland to the bottom of England.


In the Great Britain it is possible to race your bike as quickly as you can over a set distance; normally 10miles (16km), 25 miles (40km), 50 miles (80km) and 100 miles (160km) several times a week.

There also exists the discipline of 12hour and 24 hour races along a fixed circuit.

One step further is the End to End, this is typically from Lands End (furthest southerly point in the United Kingdom) to John O'Groats (furthest northerly point)  this is otherwise known as the LEJOG.


After internet searches it has been found that there exists no French equivalent or record.

The LEJOG is over a distance of 874 miles or 1407km and the record is currently 44 hours, 4 minutes and 20 seconds.


The French record is a step into the unknown as it has never been recorded and the routes are to be researched as no 'quickest' route is known.

The objective for the record is to arrive in Lamanère in under 50hours for the 'estimated distance' of 1500km.

The planned time for this record is  the 13th to 15th of April 2016.


The record will be undertaken with the objective of raising awareness of Cystic Fibrosis.

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